3 Features To Consider When Selecting Storefront Glass

Using glass for your storefront is one way to make your store more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. Before you decide on transforming your store, there are several features you should consider to make your new storefront fit your needs, such as:


Insulated glass will be an important feature if you use glass to cover a large portion of your storefront. Using insulated glass will be beneficial in improving energy-efficiency of your store and can help reduce noise. Many of the problems with glass occur during the warmer months because sunlight can shine directly through the glass, especially at times when the sun is low in the sky. Direct sunlight will dramatically increase the temperature in your store, resulting in higher than normal cooling bills. Insulated glass can help offset some of the heat generated by direct sunlight. As far as soundproofing, you can reduce unnecessary noise by using insulated glass, especially if your store is located on a busy street.


The framing for your storefront is what will hold the glass in place. Many stores opt for large frames with sheets of glass. These are typically used if you will use the glass for display purposes. One of the downsides to having a large display window is that if it brakes, it will be especially costly to repair. It can be safer to stick with a frame that has several panels of laminated glass. You can continue to display smaller items and even hang signs, but if an incident occurs and the glass is broken, you may only need to replace a few panels. If you must have large sheets of glass for your storefront, you may want glass that is flexible. This can reduce damage from weather or if someone attempts to throw an object to break the glass. Instead of cracking or shattering on impact, the glass flexes, so objects may bounce off the glass.


You can choose glass with different privacy features if you want the aesthetic value of glass without some of the security risks associated with plain glass. For example, you might prefer if passersby were not able to stare directly into the store. This can make the people inside the store feel uncomfortable and it encourages anyone who is curious about the store to come inside. Some privacy features you may want to consider are tinting or etching. Lightly tinting the glass will still allow people to look into the store or customers to look outside. Etching is a better option if you want more privacy screening while improving the aesthetics of your storefront. This might be an ideal option if your store sells items that may be more discreet, such as lingerie, or if people are dining inside and may be uncomfortable with onlookers.

With various glass options, you have many ways of managing the common problems associated with glass storefronts. Contact a glass installation company like glass installation for more information and assistance. 

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