Do You Need New Windows In Your Home? Here's How To Tell

Some homeowners replace their residential windows every 10 years like clockwork even if they still look and function pretty well. Other houses may have windows that are more than 30 years old that are squeaky, drafty, rusty, and glazed over. You can choose to buy replacement residential windows every single decade or wait until a decade has passed since the warranty expired.  Since having windows in your home that sorely need to be replaced can be pretty costly you should opt to act when you see the following warning signs.

Residential Windows That Are Not Flush With the Frame

If your windows squeak loudly when opening and closing them they might need repairing or you could try spraying a bit of lubricant inside of the frame. When your residential windows are flush inside of the window frame they open and close smoothly, without making any loud noises or feeling like they're going to get stuck. Older windows that need to be replaced can begin to warp and become unaligned. Get your entire window system replaced so that opening and shutting your windows doesn't feel like a major chore.

Windows That Let In a Draft

New residential windows are insulated so well that you won't feel even the slightest hint of a draft when they're fully closed. Some homeowners will resort to lining their residential windows in plastic to prevent the cold air from coming in during the winter. The fact of the matter is that closing your windows alone should be sufficient to keep the heat in and the winter weather out. If you don't want to have to pull out your ladder and take down large sheets of plastic from your windows every time you want to feel a breeze during the winter months get them replaced when they start to let drafts inside.

When You Make Other Major Improvements In Your Home

Homeowners who have their doors replaced often get new residential windows at approximately the same time. Whether you're building an addition on your house, getting a new garage door, or just having the exterior painted, consider also getting replacement windows if the time is right. Of course, if you always have a different home improvement project going you may not need to get your windows replaced every time you do something new to your home. At the same time your house would look a lot better with a new set of replacement windows to go with the new roof and siding that you just had installed.

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