3 Types Of Glass To Use On Your Shower Door

If you want to use glass for your shower door, keep in mind that there are various styles of glass you can use for your shower door that offers different aesthetic and practical options. Be sure to check out all the types of glass you can use on your shower doors before you decide which one to go with.

#1 Clear Glass

One of the most popular types of glass used for shower doors is clear glass. If you want to let a lot of light into your shower, clear glass is a great option. If the lights in your bathroom are not located near your shower, or you don't have a window near your bathing area, clear glass is a great way to ensure that you get enough light while showering.

The downside of clear glass is that residue from soap shows up well on clear glass. Water spots also show up really well. If you go with clear glass, you need to be dedicated to cleaning the water off the glass with a squeegee after your shower.

#2 Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is another popular option for shower doors. Frosted glass is great because it lets in light while also allowing for privacy. With frosted glass doors, you get the privacy feeling from a regular shower curtain while being able to enjoy natural light coming through your shower doors.

Additionally, frosted glass can easily be customized. You can get frosted glass doors in a variety of colors as well as patterns. You can easily add blue frosted glass doors to your bathroom, or whatever color fits with your decorative choices.

Frosted glass is easier to clean than clear glass. It hides fingerprints and soap marks better and requires weekly instead of daily cleanings.

#3 Rain Glass

If you want glass that has a little more texture to it when you touch it, rain glass is a good choice. One side is smooth, generally the side facing outwards towards your bathroom. The other side has a textured pattern on it that is supposed to look like rain crystals.

The textured nature of the glass provides a little more privacy, distorting the view of the inside of your shower. The textured nature of rain glass also hides watermarks and fingerprints on it, reducing the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your glass shower door.

Before you choose a type of glass to use in your shower, consider how much light you want to let in, what you want the glass to look like, and how often you want to clean the glass. 

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