Slide, Slide, Shower Slide! How To Open And Close Your Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless showers are the hot thing for bathroom remodeling now. These showers have no frames to speak of. The only thing that holds the clear glass panels erect is the metal base along the bottoms of the panels. If you would like to swap out your old framed shower for frameless, but you are worried about opening and closing the shower door, the sliding door is the right option for you. Here is how these doors work, and how you open and close them.

On Track

Like the framed shower doors that open on a track, so too do these frameless doors. The door is already installed into a base component, but the actual shower door slides to the left or right in a track. One side of the shower that meets the outside glass panel in the middle is wider than the stationary panel. There is always this slight overlap between the door and the stationary panel so that the sliding door will never fall off track completely when the track eventually weakens and the glass door starts to lean outward.

Sliding the Door Open

Both before you get into the shower and when you get out, you grab the top of the glass door. Then shove the door gently to the side. They have no handles so that the door will not crack or shatter from the pressure and vibrations of a drill trying to go through the glass or a screw or bolt being tightened against the glass. Because it will roll so smoothly to the left or right to open, it does not really need a door handle anyway.

Sliding the Door Shut

If the door is still wet from someone else being in the shower before you, it is not a big deal. Reach over to the inside edge of the door, where it comes close to touching the wall. This is the same edge that becomes the midpoint in the glass wall and overlaps the stationary glass wall of the shower. With an easy glide, the door should roll shut. 

A Few Extra Tips

Never slam or attempt to slam your frameless glass shower door! Because there is no frame to stabilize and stop vibrations, you could break the glass door by slamming it. Also, you should never lean up to the closed glass shower door with your full body weight (or the full weight of two adults!). Frameless glass shower doors cannot hold up under that much weight against them.

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