3 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Windows From Storms

Whether your area has a high risk of getting hit by a hurricane or you get frequent thunderstorms, the high winds from the severe weather pose a potential threat to multiple portions of your home, including your windows. It's vital to take steps to protect your home's windows before bad weather is in your area. Here are a few moves you can make now to make sure your windows are protected when inclement weather hits.

1. Add Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Windows

Hurricane shutters are an excellent way to shield your windows from the damaging impact of high winds and flying debris. When a hurricane is coming, you may notice that many homeowners apply a piece of plywood to their windows to add an extra layer of protection. Storm shutters function similarly to the plywood, only they are a permanent addition to your home. 

When severe weather is looming, you close the shutters to shield your windows. It's possible to pick storm shutters that do this automatically when they detect a certain wind speed, or you can pick manual models that require you to open and close them as needed. Innovations in storm shutter technology have created shutters that protect your windows without completely preventing exterior sources of light from entering your home. 

2. Replace Your Existing Windows with Storm Windows

As your home's windows reach the end of their lifespans, you should explore replacing them with tougher, more durable storm protection windows. Though these storm windows are more expensive, they are less likely to break. Storm windows typically have thicker glass than traditional windows, and they might utilize multiple panes of glass for additional protection. 

These thick glass layers permit your windows to stand up against higher impacts. This means that it will require more force for strong winds or flying debris to break your window. Windows designed to withstand storms have a similar appearance to conventional options, ensuring that the compliment your home's exterior look. 

3. Trim Your Property's Trees

Each season, you should check that the trees on your property are free of dead or over-sized limbs. When high gusts of winds hit your area, these large, unhealthy branches are more likely to come loose. As they come loose, they have the potential to hit your windows.

Even if they don't hit your windows when they initially fall, these branches can become dangerous sources of storm debris and potentially break your windows. Prevent this from happening by checking that trees' branches are trimmed to suitable lengths and that there are no dead or decaying branches. 

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