How To Get Frameless Shower Doors For Your Bathroom

Frameless shower doors save you the expense and hassle of having to replace your shower curtain every few weeks. They're also quite elegant and striking, fitting in well with any modern home design. If you're interested in renovating your bathroom with one of these shower doors, here are a few things you'll need to do:

1. Consider how much privacy you want.

Not all frameless shower doors are made the same. They're all made from glass, but you'll have the option of choosing between different types of glass. Clear, plain glass is eye-catching and clean. However, some people live with others and desire additional privacy in their shower. Frosted glass can offer privacy while still allowing you to use a glass shower door. Colored glass is another option you can consider. Glass tinted with colors can provide slightly more privacy than clear glass doors. They can also add a pop of color to your bathroom decor.

2. Measure your shower entrance.

If you want to receive a price estimate over the phone, you'll need to measure the width and height of your shower entrance. Knowing the approximate size of the space you want to enclose will help a shower door service provide an accurate estimate for you. If you're unsure of your ability to do this accurately, you can simply call the company for an in-person consultation.

3. Hire an expert for installation.

Frameless shower doors can come with some unique challenges. There are small gaps around the edges of these doors, which are necessary to allow you to operate the door. However, if the shower door isn't installed properly, these gaps can allow water to leak. Enlist the help of a frameless shower door service that can provide expert installation. They'll be able to install your new shower door without damaging the glass while also preserving the function of your bathroom.

4. Take proper care of your frameless shower door.

Frameless shower doors can last a very long time if you take proper care of them. Be careful not to slam it when closing the door, since this can weaken the structural integrity of the glass over time. Make sure any small children in your household know that they shouldn't hang on the doors, since this might pull them off their hinges. Keep water spots off your shower door by wiping it down after each shower. A squeegee is excellent for this purpose. Once a week, you can shine your glass shower door using any ordinary glass cleaner. Vinegar is a good alternative for people who prefer natural cleaning solutions.

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