What Happens During A Windshield Repair?

Chips and cracks in windshields aren't uncommon. Even though auto glass is reinforced so it's stronger than household glass, it's still prone to damage due to impact. Fortunately, many types of damage can be fixed without requiring a full windshield replacement. If you've never gotten your windshield repaired before, you may be uncertain about the process. Here's what will happen during a windshield repair:

1. A repair technician will come to your house.

Windshield repair services can be performed at your house, saving you the trouble of going to the auto glass shop yourself. A repair technician will come to your house at the appointed time, and they will bring all the tools they need to complete your windshield repair. You don't need a garage in order to take advantage of mobile windshield repair services. The repair can be performed on the side of the street if you only have street parking available to you.

2. They will assess the damage.

Windshield repair technicians know exactly what to look for when it comes to windshield damage. While assessing your windshield, they may find other chips or cracks that you've overlooked. As long as the chips and cracks aren't very large, your repair technician will be able to fix them all.

3. They will thoroughly clean the affected area.

Debris, dust, and oil will prevent resin from bonding to your windshield. In order to get a tight seal, your repair technician will thoroughly clean the affected area of your windshield using a cloth soaked in auto glass cleaner.

4. They will inject clear resin into the crack or chip.

Clear resin is used to seal imperfections in auto glass. Your repair technician will use a special device which uses suction to create a vacuum seal. This device removes air from the crack or chip, which enables the resin to completely fill the damaged area. Removing all the air prevents air bubbles from forming, which would mar the glass and obstruct your view while driving. The material used will dry very quickly. You'll be able to drive your car again as soon as the repair work is finished. In most cases, the procedure only takes a few minutes.

A timely windshield repair can save you from more expensive problems in the future. Now that you know what to expect from your windshield repair service, you can confidently make an appointment to have your damaged windshield fixed.

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