Connect The Indoors To The Outdoors With A Beautiful Accordion Window

Building a home allows you to customize it in any way you choose. If you enjoy having a lot of natural light in your home, consider having an accordion window installed so you can easily connect your kitchen and your outdoor patio. The guide below walks you through a few things that need to be taken into consideration when having an accordion style window added to your home:

The Location of the Window

The location of the window is important. It will need to be placed between support beams since it is going to be located on the exterior wall of the home. The builder needs to decide the exact location for the window so that you can know how what size window to get.

Determine the Exact Size of Window You Want

The builder will be able to tell you how wide the window can be, but you need to decide how tall you want it to be. The window will be available in different heights and you want to be sure it is tall enough to allow in a lot of natural light, but not so tall that it overwhelms the space. If you want to put a sink or counter under the window, you need to be sure to take measurements before purchasing the window so that you can make sure it is not too tall for the exact location where it will be hung.

Have the Builder Prepare for the Installation

A hole will need to be cut into the wall for the window to fit into. A casing will then be created so the window can be properly secured and so that the edges of it will be waterproof after the installation is complete.

Have the Window Installed

The window will be in a frame that will need to be installed in the hole that was created. It will open and close on a track that is built into the frame. Use a professional installation company because they will properly level the window so that it can slide along the frame with ease.

Once the window is installed, make sure that it opens and closes easily. You may want to consider adding a small bistro table next to the window on the patio so that people can sit outside and talk to you while you cook dinner or wash dishes. It is a unique feature that can really make your home stand out.

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