Have To Transport Glass Products? 2 Types Of Glass Transportation Products For Your Van

If you own a company that transports glass products, you know how important it is to get the product to your customers in one piece and on time. For this reason, you need to use some type of glass transportation product for your van. Below are two different types of these products so you can choose what would work best for your business:

Tall Glass Rack

If your cargo van has a high roof, you can choose a tall glass rack. This rack is placed on the exterior of the van. It is bolted to the van so you should have the rack installed professionally. You can put one rack on each side of the van if you prefer. If you plan to purchase a van, you can find high roof cargo vans that already have glass racks installed.

There are also glass racks that can be installed inside your van so you can carry more product. This can save you a lot of money as you can make more than one delivery during the same trip. As with the exterior racks, you can install an inside rack on each side of the interior.

These glass racks are made of a heavy-gauge steel so they are very durable. This material is also resistant to rain and other extreme weather conditions.

Light Glass Rack

If you have traditionally-sized vans for your business then you should choose a lighter glass rack. These racks weigh much less and will not weigh down the van. The racks are made of heavy-duty aluminum and they do not put as much strain on your van's frame. This minimizes wear and tear on your van. It also helps with fuel expenses. This is because less weight does not cause your van to use extra force while you are driving.

Aluminum glass racks are also less expensive when compared to heavy gauge steel. If you choose this type of glass rack, make sure the aluminum is untreated. This type of aluminum is very resistant to corrosion. This is because untreated aluminum has a thin layer of oxide that protects it.

Talk with a company that makes glass racks and they can answer any questions you may have about them. If it is in your budget, you can also purchase a customized van, as well as customized glass racks for the van to carry your products to your customers.

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