Preparing For Storm Season While Protecting Your Vehicle

Storm season is a time to make sure that windows and doors are thoroughly protected against projectiles and flood risks, but your vehicle is just as important. In order to safely escape during extended storm hazards that make your current location unsafe, or if multiple storms require a lot of moving around, you'll need reliable transportation. Unfortunately, hail and wind-tossed projectiles can make turn an otherwise functional car into a fierce winds and bug-smashing hazard. Here are a few techniques to keep your vehicle safe during storm seasons, along with backup plans for when nature must have its way with your car or truck.

Ditch The Tarps For Hard Or Inflatable Covers

Some people make the mistake of covering their cars with tarp to protect against hail. Tarps are meant to keep leaves, pollen, or sediment from settling on the car just to keep things clean. Hail will hit the tarp and still crack a windshield.

If you don't have a garage or a carport, you need a hardcover or inflatable cover. These covers will do the resisting during a hail storm, and should add a few inches of space between their surface and the car's surface.

Hardcovers are best purchased for specific vehicle models, as they're meant to fit around exact dimensions. Attempting to buy an oversized cover can result in missing out on a few small protrusions from the vehicle that you didn't plan on. 

For inflatable covers, make sure that the device is designed to rest inside a trunk or in the truck bed for your vehicle make, model, and year. The manufacturer should be able to tell you if their product works with your vehicle.

Recovery After The Storm

If you're already dealing with hail damage, or want an option in case hurricanes are strong enough to remove or go through your defenses, be sure to have windshield replacement professionals in your contacts. You should also have a copy of your automotive insurance policy, especially if your insurance covers replacements.

Insurance policies that cover windshield and other auto glass replacements can make the process a lot faster, since the payment matters are between the replacement or repair company and your insurance company. If you don't have insurance, be sure to ask about differences in repair versus replacement rates if repairs are possible. 

Windshield repair professionals may be able to direct you to an insurance company that seems to have good rapport with local customers. You may even have a replacement options with your insurance company that you didn't select, and administrative personnel can help you figure out how to navigate upgrades.

Contact a windshield replacement and repair professional to discuss everything from prevention to insurance coverage for after the storm. Visit a site like for more help.

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