Not Feeling As Comfortable As You Should In Your New Home? Check Your Windows

If your new home doesn't feel as comfortable or healthy as you'd like it to be, check your windows. Windows with damaged, deteriorated, or broken parts can allow heat and other problems to take over your home.  Here are problems to look for in your windows and the steps needed to correct them.

Why Should You Check Your Windows?

You might not consider it, but the windows in your home can make you feel more comfortable in your new environment and with your new surroundings. Not only do windows keep criminals, pests, and bad weather out of the house, windows can also make your indoor environment feel less stuffy during the day and night. But if your window glass and frames are in bad shape, heat, dust, and other hazards can invade your home.

You can improve the condition of any windows in your home that have broken or loose glass, as well as deteriorated and damaged sashes. The casings and sills of your windows can also warp from heat and water damage. These issues allow warm air and insects to enter your home, or the problems can cause the wooden frames of your windows to rot.

If you have screens on your windows, you want to be sure to check them for holes and tears. Insects such as mosquitoes and no-see-ums can crawl or fly through damaged screens. The insects carry infectious diseases and germs that could potentially harm your loved ones. 

If you do find problems in your windows, take steps to solve them.

How Do You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

Replacing or repairing your windows and their parts is essential right now. If left unchecked, the problems in your windows can spread to the rest of your home, including the walls and flooring. The damage can remain hidden behind your walls and flooring for many years. By the time you do notice the problems, it may be too late to repair them. 

The first thing you can do is check your windows for loose or damaged seals. The seals may appear torn or missing in places, or they may look old and cracked. If your windows don't have any other serious problems, use waterproof caulk to reseal them. 

For windows with serious problems, such as crumbling wood or water stains, contact a window repair and replacement contractor for services. A contractor can examine your windows and assess the damage in them. The assessment will help a contractor locate hidden damage in the walls and flooring around the windows. If interior damage is noted, you can take steps to repair them before a contractor replaces your windows and their parts. 

Once you have a sound foundation around your windows, you can go ahead and replace them. You may need to install new frames and screens during the process. A contractor may offer many different types of frames, including vinyl and aluminum. Both types of frames make great replacements for wooden frames. Vinyl frames generally come in different colors, so it may be a better choice for you if you plan to redecorate your home soon.

Aluminum frames work well in high-impact areas. These areas usually experience weather conditions like hurricanes that could potentially damage your home with high winds or drenching rains. If you can't decide on the best frames for your windows, a contractor can help you out.

After you install and repair your windows, keep them in good condition by monitoring the condition of your screens, windowsills, and sashes. Also, monitor the foundation close to your windows. If you notice small signs of moisture or water, contact a window repair expert right away.

To find out more about your windows and how to keep your home comfortable, contact a contractor who offers residential window services today.

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