Tired Of Shower Curtains? Look At These Glass Shower Door Options

You can buy a shower curtain to match the color and décor of your bathroom. However, a curtain does not always keep the water from spraying about the room and flooding the floor. Even if everyone keeps the bottom of the curtain inside the tub or shower stall, water seems to get around it. In addition, the bottom often becomes mildewed or coated with soap scum and dirt. Finally, you have probably had to replace the curtain bar at least once because someone fell and pulled it down. You can avoid all this by having glass shower doors installed. Here are just a few options to choose from when you go shopping:

Type of Glass

One of the first things you should decide is the type of glass you want. Look around our bathroom. If it is on the small side, you may want to use clear glass to keep the area open. However, if you worry about people walking in while you are showering, perhaps a tinted, textured, or frosted glass would be better. In addition, you can ask to have the glass made from a material that is resistant to damage and stains caused by minerals in the water. Finally, you can decide how thick you want the glass to be.

Type of Frame

You can also decide what type of frame you want around the glass for your shower doors. You have probably seen doors that have a metal frame around them. If you are using a thinner glass, having a metal frame will increase their strength. You can choose the type or color of metal to match the rest of the room. To make the room appear more open, and lager, frameless doors are available. The glass needs to be thicker though, adding to the cost considerably. In addition, there may be the need for some metal on the door itself to help with the opening and closing. If you like the idea of frameless shower doors but they are not in your budget, look at semi-frameless options. These doors do not have metal around the glass itself. Instead, the glass fits into metal runners at the top and bottom, like sliding closet doors.

Type of Opening

In a small bathroom, sliding doors are the best option as they do not require any extra space to open. If the shower stall or tub is large enough, you may opt to have bi-fold glass shower doors. They will fold into the bathing space so if you or anyone in the family is large, make sure that the door sill open completely when the shower is occupied. When space is not an issue, you can choose to have doors that pivot outward on a hinge. Frameless doors that pivot will not need metal pieces to operate.

Talk with a knowledgeable sales person about the type of glass shower door you would like. It might be a good idea to have a professional come look at your bathroom to make sure what you want is possible. However, no matter what you decide, you will be able to toss out the old, dingy shower curtain.

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