What Type Of Glass Should You Use For Your Shower Door?

Glass is a hard and brittle material. It is made by melting a substance called silica, and then processed again through a controlled cooling process. While glass shower enclosures are generally seen as an expensive and vulnerable addition to the bathroom, they are good investments because they are most likely to increase the resale value of your home. For one, glass shower doors provide a much better and more relaxing ambiance, compared to sloppy shower curtains. One of the first things you need to consider when installing glass shower enclosures is the type of glass to be used; consult a glass repair and installation specialist if you have questions. 

Clear and Colored Glass

Among the most common types of glass used as glass shower enclosures is clear and colored glass. Clear and colored glass shower doors are much thicker and more durable than those used in windows. Low-iron glass, also called ultra-clear, has a high clarity and a highly visible light transmittance. It provides dramatic color rendering effect, depending on the lighting used in the shower area. Clear and colored glasses are the best choice for glass shower enclosures, if you want them to be as low key as possible. They do not overpower the design of the tiles and shower fixtures in your bathroom.

Textured Glass

Textured or patterned glass is made by passing molten glass through rollers that etch a design. Some of the typical designs are flutes, ribs, and other regular or random patterns. One example is rain glass, which has vertical designs that resemble falling rain. The designs have also been more elaborate nowadays. Usually, the design is imprinted on only one side of the glass, giving a two-dimensional view. This is the best choice, if you prefer a translucent glass with a low level of obscurity.

Cast glass

While textured glasses are etched on one side only, the design in cast glass shower enclosures is three-dimensional. Premium cast glass can have more intricate designs ranging from random designs to a more detailed landscape. Use cast glass in your glass shower enclosures, if you value a unique appeal for your bathroom. Some sellers offer one design for each cast glass door they produce.

Whether clear, textured, or cast, all glass shower enclosures are fabricated from tempered glass. This is a standard safety procedure for all glass shower enclosures. Tempered glass ensures that should the glass door be fractured, the whole panel will disintegrate into very fine pieces, rather than large and sharp edges. State-of-the art innovation in using glass as doors has ensured that glass shower enclosures are not only aesthetic and durable but also safe.

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