How to Enlarge Your Shower

There is a reason why bathrooms are some of the most commonly remodeled rooms in many houses. Many homeowners find that they are dissatisfied with one or more aspects of their bathrooms after buying a house. The size of the shower, in particular, is a relatively common complaint.

It's easy for a homeowner to quickly become dissatisfied with the size of their shower because they probably use it every day. Luckily, there are several ways that you can enlarge your shower. Some of these suggestions are quite simple, but the results can be quite impressive.

Extend the Floor Space

The most direct way of getting a larger shower is to simply extend the floor of your current shower. In terms of design, this is a fairly simple approach that doesn't require a lot of creativity.

However, this approach has some obvious challenges. For starters, the shower will eat into space in the rest of your bathroom. This can take space away from your sinks, cabinets, bathtubs, etc. Another challenge with this approach is that it can be quite expensive. Some masonry work will be needed, and you'll probably need a completely new enclosure.

Change Your Shower Door

The space inside your shower may have little to do with the actual physical space inside your shower. Sometimes the problem is simply the fact that the shower looks and feel small because of how it was designed.

One way that you can get rid of this claustrophobic feeling when you enter your shower is to put in glass shower doors. A glass shower door makes the shower feel more connected to the rest of the bathroom, giving you the impression that you're in a bigger space.

Remove the Shower Enclosure

In certain parts of the world, it's not unusual to find showers that don't have an enclosure. The shower is at the same level as the rest of the bathroom. Although the shower will be in one section of the room, it will still feel bigger.

Choose the Right Fixtures and Plumbing

One suggestion is to hide the fixtures or plumbing by putting them closer to the wall and leaving more space inside your shower. Additionally, features such as shower heads that are higher up also create the feeling that you're in a larger space than you're actually in.

To learn more about shower enlargement, contact a company like Kauffman Glass and Mirror.

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